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Singles Chat Line Brandon

I wanted to turn around and hurry back to look at the locomotive, but, because of the crowd, I couldn't. I only ever got in trouble once when my cousin and I had been round the shed at York and were out in the yard when this guy appeared from a brick hut and gave us a 'severe telling off' and informed us he was. LMS 'Black Fives' and 8Fs became more common, and after the DN S had closed, 9Fs began to appear. Another time our miserable three SR coaches were headed by a gleaming 'Castle'.

Another described Slade's assaults as 'reigns of terror'. "He was a friend. It was a prized cop and I couldn't wait to numbers tell my old spotting chum, Bonzo.

Bill Drumheller suspects others were involved in the incidents. At Oxford, the shed was open to everyone, most of the engines cold and dead. Some years later, I was standing on the platform at Basingstoke in 1957 and was astonished to see an electric train coming up from Eastleigh. The American Medical Association last week published research that suggests spanking has harmful long-term effects, including increasing aggression. But then, sentimentality is a human condition that we all suffer from at one time or other, and this is especially the case as you get older and your memories become more distant. A battle-scarred Geoffrey then emerged, his face blackened, his hair and clothes smoking and singed. However, the Settle-Carlisle line's status as a major Inter City route was seriously weakened following the withdrawal of the Anglo-Scottish expresses from London St Pancras via Leeds to Glasgow and Edinburgh.

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I'd give anything to turn the clock back and re-enact the military-style hit-squad 'bunks' of links engine sheds, the thrill of chasing 'cops' and the eye-popping moment I copped my las Class A4 'Streak' at south Doncaster shed on May 23rd 1959. Thinking it was a Britannia I rushed back on the platform, camera ready, and lo and behold it was 60007! It worked by slipping a 1d banger into the copper tube fuse-end down and lighting the taper through a small hole cut in the pipe - boooom! It was a mixed train - I doubt there are such things anymore - a mixture of passenger coaches, parcels carriages and an odd assortment of vans at the back. I'm harking back to a more innocent age when children fished for sticklebacks in the local beck or played hopscotch and marbles in the street.

However, t find us squaringup to a ritual punchup with a rival gang of fans. This is far from true there was plenty of sunshine and lots of snow.

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Now I am back with trains and cars and my new Jaguar. The Bank Hall Jubilees were responsible for hauling the train as far as York where an A3 hooked on for the remainder of the trip to chat Newcastle. Murrahs mother and a longtime friend urged Sturns to grant numbers him chat probation, saying he is a good father whose 5-year-old son would be devastated if his father were jailed.

(Above-Below) Later that year Barrie and I went on a day Rover ticket in August. Midland South Western Junction Rai. Anxious to try out his new Brownie camera, he captured another A4, 60017 Silver Fox heading the northbound Flying Scotsman express later that day. As a result the whole class was withdrawn from service and replaced with lner V2s and BR Standard 'Britannia' locomotives, causing great interest among spotters.

Then it was gone, the moment all too brief; yet the magic will stay with me forever.and that, I have to say, is the big difference between e sheer thrill of train spotting puts the pedestrian pace of fly fishing into the shade any day. I do remember several of them before their plates were fitted and the difference was quite noticeable. "Ninety-five percent of the time we see child abuse, it's explained as an accident or parents say, 'The child was out of control. perhaps both or neither, I haven't a clue. Sure enough, almost exactly on the dot at one o'clock, (later I was to learn that the booked passing time at Kidsgrove, 1 miles north of Chatterley was.03 pm the 'double peg' came off for the Stoke direction, and after a couple of minutes.

As it roared beneath us the whole bridge shook and Fergus was panic stricken. The court heard Slade intercepted pupils' letters to their parents. These spotters had probably glanced up, jotted down the number, but since it wasn't a 'cop' it was of no further interest.

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As a small boy, though there were thousands of boys.

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The best chance of seeing trains at close quarters came on a Sunday evening during a leisurely family stroll through the woods to the Fox Hounds pub near Horsforth station. He appealed the case. Meanwhile the through trains, both freight and passenger, were still steam. Among the early casualties of steam's demise were the once-numerous L Y Rly 27 Class 0-6-0s of 1889 vintage, including Nos 5245 below, both minus coupling rods, awaiting their fate at Lees MPD on 28th July 1961. The dereliction of duty charge stemmed from Martin keeping records of the unauthorized spanking program at his home but the appeals court held that he wasn't keeping records from the public because the program hadn't been authorized and records weren't required. It was nothing like the engines I was used.

After crossing the railway bridge we squeezed though the wire fence surrounding the shed; I had never seen so many engines in one place before; a large engine was being turned on the turntable and the smell of smoke hung in the air. In 1962, the Somerset Dorset line closed, and its famous train, the 'Pines Express' was diverted to our line. In addition, during this time the Trumbull County Juvenile Court also operated its own diversion program, but Martin line did not participate in the juvenile court's program.

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The place has an absorbing stillness; it is often one of peace and solitude, and can be found some distance to the south of the Yorkshire Dales market town of Settle.

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Adding to the loco variety in August 1958, was un-named Patriot No 45517 which joined the trio of Jubilees at Bank Hall and became a regular on the.30am Liverpool-Newcastle.

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"We went with the people we had he said. If possible, try and talk to someone local who might be able to point out alternative 'entrances' to the official one in the Shed Directory.

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Introduced to traffic at Stratford (30A) in May 1951, No 70013 was transferred to Norwich Thorpe (32A) in January 1959 then to March (31B) in June 1961 before spending the remainder of her career on the London Midland Region based at Willesden (1A Crewe North. It had a Buffet in the centre car, but it was never used. A couple of years later, in the mid 1950s, my parents took me to visit relatives in Luton.

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Football and the people of Coventry owe him a great deal. Perhaps the solution can be found by looking at the country's obsession with boom-time consumerism and the crafty way some advertisers keep bombarding us with a stream of glitzy imagery. Moyer, 47, a former eighth-grade science teacher, had a penchant for paddlings- in the nude- and for documenting those spankings in diary entries and photographs.

Gilda Hillery

Police were alerted after a passing comment by a 10-year-old victim to her mother and another girl from the same school came forward after publicity.

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It's years since I've been to visit; I know there are regular steam specials - I've seen the photographs.

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The mother filed a 200,000 lawsuit in federal court against Martin and three town trustees. I could never really get my head round Nine Elms. In the mid 1960s, I witnessed the last few years of steam on British Rail.

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No doubt for some it was their first visit. One day the train arrived behind a WR engine with a big dome and a tender!


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