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Anderson, 46, shocked audience in Cannes this week by revealing she was molested by her babysitter and raped twice as a teenager. The officer told Carol that given the nature of the allegations, they are reaching out to talk to her daughter directly. Published: 15:53 EDT, Updated: 06:12 EDT, The heartbroken mother of Pamela Anderson today told of her devastation over the stars claim she was raped twice as a teen and sexually molested by a baby-sitter between the ages of six and ten. Women chat free with VIP members!

I said to her, well it never kept you back, if young girls know what you went through and you were still able to love the planet and love animals, then maybe chat coming out will help somebody. Carol said she free knew nothing of the speech in France until she received an email from her afterwards telling her what shed said. Pamela has to speak to the police and say what she remembers.' Pamela and Carol are extremely close but due to the star's busy schedule they rarely find time to chat over the phone. Horror: Pamela with brother Gerry.

But Carol admits that she did once fall out with her famous daughter when she married controversial rocker Tommy Lee in 1995 without involving her family. I had that on my mind and me and Barry were working, we were a normal family leading a normal life, you have to do what you can. Fate: In 1985 Pamela filled out a questionnaire about her future that showed she was already dreaming about a life in the Californian sun. For his exceptional play on the field, Clayton was team defensive lineman of the year in grades 11 and. The former waitress said they had so many babysitters that she doesn't know who the attacker could be, smiling through it all: Pamela pictured with father Barry, mother Carol, and brother Gerry in happier times. Suicidal behavior, gestures or threats; or self-mutilating behavior.

Identity disturbance, he was the one who pretty much taught me everything I know about football. Adds, i cant remember who the sitter was Pam is talking about because there was so many. Richmond, surrey, unstable selfimage or sense of self.

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I spoke free to my son about it and he said mom everyone had to get sitters, right? She traveled a lot with the volleyball team and took a lot of trophies and ribbons.

A photographer took some shots of Pamela and sent them to Playboy magazine, prompting an offer for her to pose.

Difficulty regulating mood (e.g., depression, irritability usually lasting a few hours and only rarely more than a few days).

Speaking exclusively to MailOnline, Carol, 65, said: This whole thing is a complete shock.

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Carol said Pamela far left in 1983 volleyball team wrote her an email this week which said.

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Find fun and drama in the chat rooms. Their expression of emotion or impulses are often  displayed through intense anger, self injury or suicidal behavior. Pamela attended Highland Secondary School in the tiny Canadian fishing port of Comox, British Columbia. We have to rally around her and support her. You must have five to be diagnosed: Frantic efforts to avoid real or imagined abandonment. At the time she was heartbroken and said: 'Pammy has never mentioned this man's name to me and then suddenly she phones up to say she's married him.

It must have been a lot to go through especially at the age she was. Carol said her and the rest of the family are now trying desperately to recall crucial details that may help the police investigation. She said: I cant believe she didnt tell me at the time, she wasnt a shy child, its heartbreaking. The police have not made an official comment citing her privacy. I was put on the defensive line for my first few weeks, probably because its the one of the easier positions to learn for someone that is new to sports, explains Clayton.

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'I've just been doing their laundry she said. Pam and I were live links chat line Cape Coral really close back then, I worked days so I was home every night with her and her brother Gerry she said.

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Quite the view: live links chat line Cape Coral The Hotel du Cap is an A List magnet for the stars Enjoying their stay: Pamela seemed relaxed at the Cap D'Antibes hotspot.

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Devastation: Carol said it was 'heartbreaking' that Pamela (pictured left in 1982, aged 14, and vibe chat line Fort McMurray right aged 16) didn't tell her about what she went through as Carol considered them 'close'.

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She came off the phone and said: The police want to talk to Pamela to see if she can remember who she thinks was involved. This comes as the MailOnline can reveal Canadian police have launched an investigation into the alleged crimes and want to interview the former Baywatch star as soon as possible.

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If hes still alive he will be worried who ever. The main football influence on Claytons football career has been midget offensive line coach, Stephen Kemp. Halfway through the season, one of our offensive linemen got ejected from the game so live links chat line Cape Coral our line coach sent.

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Today, CFC shines the spotlight on Class 2010 star lineman and recent University live links chat line Cape Coral of Alberta commit, Clayton Vis.

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She had lots free gay chat line White Rock of friends, average marks in school and didnt have any drink or drug problems, she was just a typical teenager, into boys that kind of thing.

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I hope free gay chat line Mesa somebody is shaking in their boots thinking they had got away with it she said.

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She was really sporty, a real tom boy. We are trying to settle down and get our memories going. I now coach the offensive line for him as he is the head coach now.


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